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Testimonials about my lotions and body butters!

 Brianna Marieabout 2 months ago

I just tried Jennifer's lavender body butter and I was blown away at how hydrating it was! Not only did it smell AMAZING, but it did an incredible job of deeply penetrating and nourishing my skin! I live in upstate NY so this time of year is very drying for the skin. Also, I went on a tropical vacation a few weeks ago, so I had some peeling from sun burn on my arms and legs. I will absolutely be purchasing more of this amazing product, it feels like a delicious treat but I know it is also super good for me!

 Karen Cimabueabout 2 months ago

I was one of the lucky ones picked for a generous sample of her homemade lotions infused with special oils designed for you specifically . Nice thicker texture which smelled just wonderful of lavender and Frankincense which Immediately melted right into my skin very nicely. Don't think twice about ordering, very nice!! Thank you jennifer. Well done!

 Heather Hallabout a month ago

I absolutely love the Lavender & Frankincense lotion sample Jenny sent to me. The smell is amazing and melts right into my skin. I suffer from fibromyalgia and this helps to calm down my flare ups! I would highly recommend! Thank you Jenny!!

 Melissa Hudsonabout 2 months ago

Received my personalized lotion and I absolutely love it!! Peppermint, wintergreen, and helichrysum do just the trick for my headaches. Love that it’s organic and made with love!
And it smells amazing too!!

 Vanessa Pergerabout 2 months ago

Absolutely love my Lavender & Frankincense lotion! Not only does it smell wonderful, but it nourishes my skin beautifully and creates a feeling of deep calm every time I use it.

 Gale Bishopabout 4 months ago

Recently purchased Peppermint and Lavender Body Butter. My hands are always very rough, ( especially in winter,) because I am feeding birds and outside cats. Using this product has really helped, so much better.

 Kristen Moralesabout 2 months ago

Tried the lavender with frankincense lotion... moisturizing along with having the healing and calming effects of the essential oils. Fantastic! Love this product!

 Carina Hilbertabout a year ago

I love my Lavender and Rosemary with Magnesium body butter! It doesn't dry my skin out so badly, and it really works!!