Enchanted Essence Lotion & Body Butter are for every skin type. They create a moisture rich barrier that ensures soft skin and long-lasting hydration. Enchanted Essence luxurious creamy lotions and thick body butter don't feel greasy, just silky and smooth, and are absorbed quickly into your skin. We have formulated the perfect ingredients that includes a high concentration of rich vitamins, packed with natural butters, including shea, cocoa and kokum and organic oils like sweet almond, coconut, and jojoba. They are then mixed with the perfect combination of essential oils to help with what ails you. 

Enchanted Essence all natural line of lotion and body butters are created to help mother earth and the people who live here. Made only with products that are derived from completely natural, earth friendly, organic, vegan and kosher materials, which means that there are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives to be found in any of my items and none of the ingredients are tested on animals. EVER!        

-Easy to apply
-Skin is soft and smooth after application
-Your skin will feel so nourished
-Skin will feel soft all day
-Your body will feel relief from what ails you